Berlin in early 1900s

February 22, 2016

Fascinating pictures

..-amazing what colorization brings about

However, if I am not mistaken, some shots were made rather in Munich, not in Berlin. Right ..? 🙂


מוטי שטיינמץ

June 10, 2015

מנוחה ושמחה

June 4, 2015

מנוחה ושמחה 

יצחק פוקס

נביא דניאל der Augsburger Prophet Daniel

February 9, 2015

daniel augsburg

One of the 5 stained glass windows of the Augsburg Cathedral (dated about the year 1140) usually called “Propheten-Fenster” (prophet-windows) in German has the biblical figure of Daniel (the other are Moses, Yona, Hosea and King David, who – as well known and maybe oldest known cartoon figures in Augsburg we use as guides in our Jewish history tours in the city. There also are animated version of them, which soon will be released as videos.

Today Nawi Daniel greets ! אוגסבורג שלוםAugsburg, Shalom!

Unetaneh Tokef – last year review

October 6, 2014

Augsburg gegen Antisemitismus

August 11, 2014

At his visit at the local synagogue Augsburg mayor Dr. Kurt Gribl condemned recently noted local manifestations of Antisemitism as spillover effect of the so-called “Gaza-War” and promissed to fight them back. If required he also considered to ban demonstrations when it is foreseeable that the demonstrations will have Antisemitic and violent intentions, as it is practise in cases of domestic extrem rightwingers. Mayor Gribl also assured the Jews of Augsburg his solidarity and that of all the other religious communities in Augsburg, also by the heads of the Muslim community in Augsburg.

Mayor Gribls visit has a special value since he chose the 8th of August which is a legal holiday in Augsburg (not in neighboring communities, Bavaria, Germany, Europa or elsewhere in the world), the “Friedensfest” (Festival of Peace).

Kurt Gribl Henry Brandt Friedenfest Synagoge Augsburg

Gegen Antisemitismus Augsburg DIG

Der Pessach – Osterhasen – Wettbewerb

April 17, 2014

Der gezeigte Tierversuch (Tierschützer: Abspann des Videos  beachten!) stammt aus dem letztem Jahr und wird aus  besonderem Wunsch und aktuellen Anlass (Ostern steht vor der Tür, Pessach ist in der Wohnung) nochmals gezeigt.

(17. April 2014: 326)

Video: Demonstration in Kriegshaber

October 23, 2013

Video zum “Marsch des Lebens” in Kriegshaber (youtube):

Synagoge Kriegshaber

June 6, 2013

Inside former Kriegshaber Synagogue, currently under restoration, scheduled to open as branch of the Jewish museum in fall 2013.

Vor 5 Jahren: Müll-Sammlung am Jüdischen Friedhof Kriegshaber

April 9, 2013

Just beforehand: much has been improved at the cemetery, although some of the problems still exist. In 2007 however many parts of the cemetery were kind of jungle. So in the first step there was the need to remove bushes, lots of ivy, rotten trees and so on in order to lay open the grave marker – some 350 years old. Cutting down the jungle however just revealed the next problem: the cemetery since there was no more keeper for 2 years was misused as garbage damp by neighbors and passerby.  It took countless hours to remove at least mot of it, but we had a lot of supporters – in the neighborhood of the cemetery as well as from school classes, students or the youth group of the Jewish community from Augsburg. Last year some long overdue works took place to improve some of the old as fragile tomb stones, where now there finally some rotten trees and branches get chopped off.

So much has developed for the good, but there still is a lot to be done.