Jüdisches Hainsfarth

August 18, 2019

Neues Buch (15.08.2019)

Yehuda Shenef (Autor), Freundeskreis Synagoge Hainsfarth (Herausgeber):


Mikwe – Synagoge – Schule – Friedhof



erhältlich in Hainsfarth in der ehemaligen Synagoge


Mietek Pemper Weg in Pfersee

August 8, 2019

In Pfersee, Augsburg erinnert heute der “Mietek Pemper – Weg” an Mieczysław Pemper (1920-2011), weltbekannt geworden durch den Spielberg Film “Schindlers Liste”. Er lebte seit 1956 in Augsburg und wurde wie bereits sein Vater am jüdischen Friedhof Hochfeld bestattet.

Mietek Pemper im Jahr 2010 (foto: Yehuda Shenef)


The Jews of Hainsfarth

August 7, 2019

The Jews of Hainsfarth

Notes on a former Jewish Community in a Rural Bavarian-Swabian Villlage

Paperback, 60 pages

ISBN: 9783732240944

date of release: August 7, 2019

Hainsfarth is a small town next to Oettingen, located in Bavaria somewhat halfway between Augsburg and Nuremberg, not far from Nördlingen.

At least since the 13th century, Jews lived in Hainsfarth, where they made up half of the population at times.

There has been no Jewish community since 1940, but with the restored synagogue, the recently renovated Jewish school, remnants of a Mikveh and a largely preserved Jewish cemetery, Hainsfarth has a remarkable ensemble of architectural evidence of Jewish life and culture in southern Germany.

The descendants of the Hainsfarth Jews produced scholars, actors and successful bankers. After all, two of the four teachers of the Jewish school were close relatives of later US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger.

The booklet describes with numerous illustrations in short form history and institutions of the Jews of Hainsfarth.

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