Jüdischer Friedhof Augsburg Hochfeld

בעמודים של


עכשיו רושמת קברי של בית העלמין היהודי באוגסבורג


(Grave marker of Kommerzienrat and free mason Albert and Hermine Arnold from Augsburg)

Dokumentation des jüdischen Friedhofs Augsburg Hochfeld

The documentation of Hochfeld Jewish Cemetery Augsburg between Haunstetter Str. and Alter Postweg in essentially is the result of one visit to the cemetery on a summer afternoon in May 2007, when we photographed all grave markers, made notes and measuring as well as the rough sketch of a layout plan…since many inscription were illegible or crumbled it of course needed further visits to amend numerous errors. Sometimes it was quite useful to use soft sponges and fresh water in order to smooth away mold. Since literarily nobody had interest for a complete documentation of all (remaining) grave marker inscriptions, but in mere formal data only, we kept it that way (although we have noted the inscriptions of course). Time and again additions were (and are) necessary and of course there still were many problems. Many archive material or private information of descendents differ time and again from tomb marker inscription. If there is one left, you at least may ponder over it. Some spellings or shapes of different letters are ambiguous.

(Rolf Hofmann and Margit Hummel comparing grave marker inscriptions and entries in the register, May 2009 at Hochfeld cemetery – note the bullet holes on the backsite of many grave markers. They actually come from “firing practise” of German soldiers or Nazi officers during the 1940s)

All the more we particularly have to thank Rolf Hofmann from Stuttgart who in several joint visits reviewed and counterchecked all grave markers and archive material over and over again in order to eliminate typos, transposed digits, misreading and other sources of error. He also did a lot of family research which provided many additional information and added the numbers of initial burial list of the pre-war community which are noted on the backside of most of the grave markers. 

Inevitably there still will be mistakes in our lists and many still open questions maybe never will be cleared up. But of course we hope to get response from all of you who know anything better.

The cemetery, established in 1866/7 still is used for burials, but at current annual burial rates foreseeable it will be fully occupied probably by 2013, some 150 years after its preliminary planning from 1864.


Additional lists on the burials at the cemetery (chronology, place or name indices) you also will find at the pages of Alemannia Judaica:


Many thanks last but not least to Joachim Hahn who made it possible to publish all the information packed and neatly arranged.

Charakteristische Einschusslöcher auf den Rückseiten zahlreicher Grabsteine im Eingangsbereich an der Haunstetter Str. geben Zeugnis davon, dass die Denkmäler am jüdischen Friedhof in den frühen 1940er Jahren von deutschen Soldaten oder Polizisten (wohl vom nahen KZ-Außenlager stammend) für Schießübungen benutzt wurden.


2 Responses to Jüdischer Friedhof Augsburg Hochfeld

  1. Dirk S. says:

    Wie KRANK muss einer sein, um auf Grabsteine zu schießen!!????

  2. Joshua says:

    It would be great if you can provide some additional information on the cemetery as you did in case of the Kriegshaber-Pfersee cemetery.

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