Salomon Rosenbusch, Vorsitzender der jüdischen Gemeinde in Augsburg 1867-1878

Grave marker inscription of Salomon Rosenbusch (1825-1895) and his wife Jeanette Rosenbusch, geb. Ochs (1827-1901). From 1867 until 1878 Salomon was head of the Jewish community of Augsburg. He not only replaced Carl von Obermayer as leader of the still growing Jewish community of the former Imperial city but also as property owner of his grand building in Maximilianstr. the Rosenbusch family possessed until 1936 when it was “aryanized” (the then term for: aggravated theft). Pfersee born Salomon Rosenbusch previously was secretary of the Jewish community and lieutenant of the Bavarian Landwehr (territorial force) and lived at Maximilianstr. at today’s “Merkurplatz”.   He earned his business with his partners from the Heymann banking family. Their common home and business address was next to the Obermayer Palais, today Maximilian Str. 73 (Litera A 30)  


Der in Pfersee geborene Salomon Rosenbusch folgte Carl von Obermayer, der nach Wien ging, im Amt des Vorsitzenden der jüdischen Gemeinde von Augsburg nach. Wie Obermayer war auch Rosenbusch Offizier der bayerischen Landwehr und übernahm dessen Palais, in welchem sich heute das Augsburger Standesamt befindet.


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