Augsburg Sidur 1947

March 13, 2014

Among the first Hebrew prayer books published in Augsburg after the defeat of the Nazi regime was the reprint of the famous בית יעקב Sidur of Altona rabbi Jakob Emden who died about the time of the American independence. As it can be seen on the title page, the print is dated “Augsburg, 708 “. Hardly any of the approx. 80 copies which were printed in Ulmer Str. Kriegshaber and used in the services of the synagogue in Kriegshaber have survived.

augsburg sidur bet jakow 5708 Jakob Emden 1947סירוד בית יעקב אוגסבורג תש”ח

Titelblatt des Bet Jakow – Sidurs nach Jakob Emden, das Ende 1947 in Kriegshaber (Augsburg) gedruckt wurde und in der Synagoge in der Ulmerstraße Kriegshaber zum Einsatz kam.


Jüdische Siedlung Kriegshaber

March 6, 2014

Ulmer Str Kriegshaber jüdische Häuser Jewish housesehem jüdische Häuser der alten Hauptstraße  5 – 12

Old Jewish Houses of former Hauptstr (= mainstreet) next to former synagogue (house 3), in Kriegshaber (today_ Ulmer Str.) . Until late 19th century there lived the Jewish families of Obermayer, Untermayer, Mendle, Dick, Ulman, Bach, Bachmann and many others more. Many of the houses were diveded in different parts, as today in flats.  After 1900 most of the houses already had Christian owners, however there still were many Jews next to the synagogue, which was used by the the traditional Jews of the town and the region.

Synagoge Kriegshaber

January 22, 2014

Synagoge Kriegshabernew ways: museum replaces the former synagogue

Augsburg Kriegshaber Synagoge Rückseite Weg

אל תלכי ללקט בשדה אחר

January 14, 2013

Synagoge Kriegshaber

ווו אַמאָל איז געווען די מקווה פון ייִדיש קהל פון קריעגסהבער אין עתיד וועט זייַן געזאמלט די אשפה פון דער נייַ מוזיי

Kriegshaber Mikwe Tauchbad Mikvah

Kriegshaber mikvah Mikwe

באייר תשע

Where once was the mikvah of Kriegshaber in the future the garbage of the new museum will be collected.

Kriegshaber synagoge Januar 2013

Kriegshaber Synagoge Müllraum

Ziemlich genau da, wo sich nach Angaben alter Katasterpläne früher das Tauchbad (Mikwe) der jüdischen Gemeinde von Kriegshaber befand, wird später in einer eigens dafür geschaffenen Konstruktion der Abfall des künftigen jüdischen Museums gesammelt.

Kriegshaber Museum Synagoge Müllraum