March 10, 2014

Mering is a small townlet of some 14.000 people in the Landkreis-district of Aichach-Friedberg and about 10 miles south from the old city of Augsburg, where next to Rote Tor was the first train station in 1837. Also Mering was one train stop on the way to Munich, when the Augsburg – Munich railway had been the first overland railroad. Since  rails as well as the engines were brought by Augsburgs Jewish banker Isidor Obermayer from England there of course are  a number of more in depth relationships and connections.

MeringSt. Michael church with Torhaus in Mering

Mering coat of arms Wappenschildcoat of arms at former benefice house

Mering altes Hausבית ישן במערינג בדרום אוגסבורג