Gedenken Synagoge Schopfloch

July 20, 2016

Gedenktafel zur Erinnerung an die Synagoge im mittelfränkischen Schopfloch:

schopfloch-memorial-plate-gedenktafel-synagogueMemorial plate Schopfloch synagogue

Gedenkstunden zum 9. November in Augsburger Synagoge

November 9, 2015

Gedenkstunde 9 November 1938 Synagoge Augsburg 2015source: Westnik / Anzeiger IKG Schwaben Augsburg:

Gedenkstunde zum 9. November 1938, der (nunmehr) sog. “Pogromnacht” in der Synagoge Augsburg

Hour of Commemoration for the “Kristallnacht” in the Synagogue of Augsburg, 77 years after 9th of November 1938.

Since many people meanwhile understand “Kristallnacht” as rather cynical, more people prefer to dub it “pogrom night (Nacht). The Russian word “pogrom” however actually means thunder-storm, tempest and the like, what on second thought is likewise belittling …

As in in most other towns also in Augsburg the actual attacks took place in the night and morning hours of 10th of November the birthday of German religion founder Lex … hm … Martin Luther.


Synagoge Ingolstadt

August 27, 2015

Ingolstadt alte Synagoge Illuminati  אינגולשטדט

בית הכנסת משנת 1907 עד 1938
synagogue-ingolstadt-memorial plate

In Theresienstr. 23 in Ingolstadt from 1907 until 1938 as well as some time after the Nazi defeat there was a synagogue in the same building previously used from 1782 until 1785 as temple of the Illuminati Order of Adam Weishaupt.

Ingolstadt Synagoge