Panorama Augsburger Moritzplatz

August 20, 2015

Augsburg Perlach Rathaus Weberhaus Moritz-Kirche vom Kaufhaus Merkur

Blick vom ehemals “Kaufhaus Merkur” zum Perlachturm, Rathaus, Weberhaus und St. Moritz-Kirche am Moritzplatz in Augsburg. Im Weberhaus befand sich bis in die 1930er Jahre lange Zeit das angesehene Modegeschäft Ginsberger.

Augsburg Ginsberger Reklame Weberhaus

Augsburg Perlachturm Rathaus Weberhaus vom Kaufhaus Merkur


March 10, 2014

Mering is a small townlet of some 14.000 people in the Landkreis-district of Aichach-Friedberg and about 10 miles south from the old city of Augsburg, where next to Rote Tor was the first train station in 1837. Also Mering was one train stop on the way to Munich, when the Augsburg – Munich railway had been the first overland railroad. Since  rails as well as the engines were brought by Augsburgs Jewish banker Isidor Obermayer from England there of course are  a number of more in depth relationships and connections.

MeringSt. Michael church with Torhaus in Mering

Mering coat of arms Wappenschildcoat of arms at former benefice house

Mering altes Hausבית ישן במערינג בדרום אוגסבורג

Pictures of Augsburg

April 16, 2013

There are many reasons to visit Augsburg

Es gibt viele Gründe Augsburg zu besuchen

יש סיבות רבות לבקר אוגסבורג

Ci sono molti motivi per visitare Augusta

Landauer, Augsburg

September 2, 2012

On the reverse of an old Augsburg trolley ticket of late 1920s there is an advertisement for the Landauer Kaufhaus in Buergermeister Fischer Street, at the Koenigsplatz. Self-confident it states:

LANDAUER AUGSBURG – Das weitaus größte KAUFHAUS SCHWABENS mit seinen 52 Spezial-Abteilungen.

The by far biggest department store in (the district of) Swabia with 52 special departments

In the early years of the NAZi rule the once famous Landauer Kaufhaus was dispossesed under the rules of so called “Arisierung” (Aryanization) and by the new “Aryan” owner Albert Golisch  retitled as “Zentralkaufhaus”.






Augsburg lässt tief blicken

July 3, 2012

Augsburg – Gögginger Tor, Stadtmauer, Wehranlage und Brücke über den Graben, heute “Königsplatz” Baustelle

Weitere Ausgrabungen an der Baustelle des Königsplatzumbaus in Augsburg brachten umfassende Überreste der Mauer- und Brückenbefestigung hervor, die einstmals über den Graben stadtauswärts Richtung Göggingen und ins österreichische Pfersee führte.

Further diggings at Koenigsplatz construction site revealed more remnants of the wall and moat bridge of Augsburg’s medieval city fortification, what allows to study in some parts the techniques used at this time.

מער עקסקאַוויישאַנז בייַ קעניגספּלאַטז אין אַוגסבורג האָבן געפירט צו דער אנטדעקונג פון מער שריד פון די מיטטעלאַלטער סטאַדטמאַוער און בריק וואָס פון דאָ האט געפירט מעל החפיר

 די חפירה מאכט עס מעגלעך צו לערנען ווי אין פרייַערדיק זמן אַ ווערק פון דעם מין איז געווען געבויט

Gli scavi a Königsplatz in Augsburg ha rivelato i resti della fortificazione della città vecchia e il ponte sul fossato