September 4, 2013

A happy and healthy new year 5774 to all of our



and members

Stempel Sterne Greding

שנה טובה ומתוקה

Schana Towa 5773 שנה טובה

September 16, 2012

To all members and friends of the JHVA all over the world a sweet, happy, healthy, peaceful, prosperious and edifying new year 5773

dome kuppel detail

Illustration by Chana Tausendfels from the dome of the synagogue of Augsburg with three quotes from the Hebrew Bible:

צדיק כתמר יפרח

Psalm 92.12:   “The righteous will flourish like a palm tree.”

לוא הקשבת למצותי ויהי כנהר שלומך וצדקתך כגלי הים

Isaiah 48.18:  “If only you had paid attention to my orders, then your well-being like a river that never runs dry, and your righteousness would be like the waves of the sea.”

יראת ה מקור חיים

Proverbs 14.27:  “The respect of the LORD is the source of life”


schana towa 5771

September 8, 2010

שנה טובה ומתוקה

A happy, healthy and prosperous good ney year 5771 to all our friends and members all over the world

Ein gesundes, frohes, glückliches und gutes neues Jahr all unseren Freunden und Mitgliedern

שנה טובה ומתוקה

September 18, 2009

 והיה כעץ שתול אשר פריו יתן בעתו

והיה כעץ שתול אשר פריו יתן בעתו


Dear friends

 The Hebrew letters to abbreviate the number 770 ( תשע– tav, shin, ayin) pronounced as a word is tisha what again makes a numeral: nine or as ha-ti-sha it is the 9th … a fact some interpreters attach value or importance to …

However: We wish all members and friends of the Juedisch Historischer Verein Augsburg (JHVA) and all of their relatives a sweet but yet healthy festival of New Year only blessed by HaShem, the appropriate and essential reflection during the “ten awe-ful days” and good final signatures in the opened books for a happy and just year to come.