Moses in Augsburg

July 20, 2018

Moses-Glasfenster im Augsburger Dom

משה רבנו חלון הזכוכית באוגסבורג

Moses in Ziemetshausen

April 5, 2018

Christ stopped at Eboli” was the somewhat inaccurated English translation of Carlo Levi’s famous book “Cristo si è fermato a Eboli“, because the actual meaning is, he wasn’t inside Eboli. Be it as it may: Moses (משה רבנו) however was seen these days in Ziemetshausen, a small townlet, just 5 km away from Thannhausen (3o km from Augsburg), where in 17th century was a small Jewish community with a amount of Jewish book printing … There is no notice on a Jewish community of Ziemetshausen, but the vicinity to a number of places with Jewish settlements make it likely that Jews were there too.

משה היה בצימטהאוזן