Augsburg, Westfriedhof “Gedenken an 235 KZ-Opfer”

Augsburg, Westfriedhof “Gedenken an 235 KZ-Opfer”

Memorial for 235 concentration camp victims in Augsburg at Westfriedhof

אנדרטה לזכר קרבנות מחנה הריכוז בווסטפרידהוף באוגסבורג, ביניהם יהודים

Widmung fürs Massengrab

די מאָדנע ווערטער פֿאַר די מאַסע גרוב פון 235 מענטשן

Grabstein für jüdische KZ-Tote in Augsburg

מצבת זיכרון לקרבנות היהודים של מחנה הריכוז אוגוסבורג

Мемориальная доска жертвам Аугсбургского концентрационного лагеря из России


2 Responses to Augsburg, Westfriedhof “Gedenken an 235 KZ-Opfer”

  1. yehuda says:

    According to our information Otto and Lilly Neuburger were buried at Jewish Cemetery in Augsburg Hochfeld.

    Their grave is no. 458 in N 21.6 (i.e. grave 458 or grave 6 in row 21 of the northern part of the cemetery).

    For more information on the Cemetery, its history and many buried people; see my new book with detailed grave registers, maps, some biographies, photos, etc.

    The article above however refers to people who mainly were slave workers from Eastern Europe and were buried at Westfriedhof cemetery.

    Let me know if you have further information on the Neuburgers.

  2. Eva Lawrence says:

    Two to add to the list: Otto and Lilli Neuburger.

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