Regarding 10 years JHVA

As JHVA (Jewish Historical Society of Augsburg) in October gets 10 years old, it is time to provide some figures.

JHVA logo

So far the blog since 2006 has some 783.000 site hits, what is quite amazing if you consider that in the first months there was a monthly average of 15 or 22. Now the average is about ten thousand

In the last three years alone there were a quarter million visitors here from virtually all countries in the world, including mainland China (except Iran, Cuba, North Korea and some similar free countries – but we have regular visitors from Vatican City as well as from Palestinian Territory. What Hamas and the Pope have in common? They both read our weblog on a regular basis. Just kidding..!..?)

This entry is article No. 1.084 on this weblog. The articles contain over 5.000 photos and documents

Up to now there were some 1600 approved comments, hardly no insulting ones and some 4.400 email request. The later make an average of 440 each year, so you can figure out that there is at least one daily. The vast majority of those request have been serious ones.

However, AKISMET has protected our site from 108.726 spam comments so far. The appearance of the weblog obviously would be quite different if not. Thanks for that.

We also would like to thank the current number of 308 followers to the blog as well as 118 additional subscribers of the somewhat similar (or: different) Facebook-edition.


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