Dr. Richard Grünfeld

מורנו הרב

ר יצחק בן ר אליעזר ליפמן זל

נפטר ביום יט תשרי תרצב



Dr. Richard Grünfeld

1863 – 1931

Großherzoglicher Kreisrabbiner in Bingen am Rhein 1889 –  1910

Bezirksrabbiner in Augsburg 1910 – 1929

Caecilie Lilli Grünfeld geborene Stein

1871 – 1934


Rabbiner Richard Grünfeld Augsburg Grabstein gravemarker

The Hebrew inscription mentions Richard Grünfeld by his Hebrew name Itzchak son of Elieser Lipman as well as the day of his death which was the 19th of Tishri.

One Response to Dr. Richard Grünfeld

  1. gunnerjoshua says:

    The last Rabbi of Augsburg so far who contributed to local Jewish history.

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