Roter Stern im Ulmer Münster

eine eigentümlich Installation bot sich letztens den Besuchern des Münsters von Ulm, ein großer pulsierender roter Ball, vielleicht ein roter Riese oder ein roter Zwerg, der aus bestimmten Perspektiven zusammen mit dem wohl permanent dort hängenden “Engel” eine eigentümliche, “apokalyptische” Sichtweise gibt, zumindest meinten das zwei Schüler aus Aspen, die davor standen und die Lichtveränderungen mit ihren smartphones filmten.

Ulmer Münster roter Ball Engel installation 2015 (2) red star apocalypse angel in Ulm
Ulmer Münster roter Ball Engel installation 2015 (4)whether this is a red giant, dwarf or herring, depends on your ownstandardsUlmer Münster roter Ball installation 2015

The huge pulsating red ball inside the Munster of Ulm caused some attention by visitors (and as us, most quite obviouly were tourists). A group of youngsters from the US speculated whether the installation was a hint to the “Apocalypse of John” or a red giant or dwarf … listening I told them: “Well, maybe it is red herring.” Some minutes later an older German couple compared the vibrating red ball to Pink Floyd, but as they mentioned there was no music, although the accustic probably woud be great as the man told his friend or wife. However, actually there probably are too many Jewish items in the Munster of Ulm which would prevent at least Roger “Abu Kif” Waters to enter the building.

Anyway, our reason to visit the Church, once again was the medieval Hebrew grave marker of Mina, the daughter of Yitzchak haLevi, who died on day 6, 27th of Elul in the year 5048, what is Friday, 27th of August of the year 1288 a. H.

Ulmer Münster hebräischer Grabstein Mina b Isaak 1288 Hebrew tombstone

אבן קבר עברית משנת 5048 בהמינסטר של אולם

The grave marker of Mina was misused for the sake of the Christian “noblemen” Hainrich Fischer of Ulm as the exhibitioned stone’s rear reveals:

Ulmer Münster christliche Inschrift auf hebräischen Grabstein Rückseite


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