Simon ben Sanwil Ulmo (1645-1720)

February 6, 2015

Yehuda Shenef as Simon ben Sanwil Ulmo of Pfersee Augsburg 1645 - 1720

yehuda shenef as simon sanwil ulmo of pfersee


Rabbi Simon ben Sanwil Ulmo (1645-1720) was head of the renowned Jewish community of Pfersee and owner of the not less famous Talmudic script, which by experts is regarded as oldest surviving almost complete handwriting of the Talmud Babli, later known as “Pferseer Handschrift”,  lost in 1803 when Simons offspring Ber Ulmo (1751-1837) was in prison under false allegations, and at least from 1880s is in possession of the Bavarian State library (BSB) in Munich.

Rabbi Simon Ulmo lived in Pfersee next to the synagogue and was court agent of Austrian as well as Bavarian rulers and head of the Swabian Jewry “Medinat Schwaben”. He also was author of a small Hebrew book on human traits, such as desire (תשוקה), fixation (הקבוע) or vanity (הגנדרנות), which we currently translate in modern German and what likely will be released this summer. He is buried at the Jewish cemetery of Kriegshaber/Pfersee in the north-western part of Augsburg, which from 1945 until 1998 was surrounded by US army housing facilities (Centerville, Cramerton).

To honor R. Simon Ulmo already we captured the costume which he was wearing as court agent in Vienna which is in late baroque style (about 1690).  The costume was manufactured by master tailor Margit Hummel, Friedberg.

Simon ben Sanwil Ulmo Pfersee 1645 - 1720 Yehuda Shenef

יהודה שנף לבוש כהרב שמעון בן זאנוול אולמא מפערשי ליד אוגסבורג

הבארוק מאוחר
רב שמעון אולמא היה ראש היהדים במדינת שוואבען

בביתו בפערשי היה הכתב יד המפורסם של התלמוד בבלי שהיום במינכן

רב שמעון אולמא כתב ספר קטן ששת פרקי על תכונות אנושיות

זאנוול = שמואל