Augsburg Sidur 1947

Among the first Hebrew prayer books published in Augsburg after the defeat of the Nazi regime was the reprint of the famous בית יעקב Sidur of Altona rabbi Jakob Emden who died about the time of the American independence. As it can be seen on the title page, the print is dated “Augsburg, 708 “. Hardly any of the approx. 80 copies which were printed in Ulmer Str. Kriegshaber and used in the services of the synagogue in Kriegshaber have survived.

augsburg sidur bet jakow 5708 Jakob Emden 1947סירוד בית יעקב אוגסבורג תש”ח

Titelblatt des Bet Jakow – Sidurs nach Jakob Emden, das Ende 1947 in Kriegshaber (Augsburg) gedruckt wurde und in der Synagoge in der Ulmerstraße Kriegshaber zum Einsatz kam.


One Response to Augsburg Sidur 1947

  1. Hannah Zeysel says:

    That’s amazing. Do you have a copy of the book and may ve some remarks on the content of this edition? How is it that the Kriegshaber Community of Augsburg was able to print the Gebetbuch at this time?

    By the way, I am a granddaughter of a so called DP who managed to survive post war Germany as well. Granpa Yankele spent a couple of months in Landsberg camp and in Augsburg before he moved to the US. Kriegshaber was a part of some stories he was telling to us and the grandchildren again and again. To explain the name he always raised his voice: “Krieg – means war – …”

    I still have some collections from him with letters, photos and so on.

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