What was Snowden’s secret?


Man was matter, that was Snowden’s secret.

Drop him out a window, and he’ll fall.

Set fire to him and he’ll burn.

Bury him and he’ll rot, like other kinds of garbage.

The spirit gone, man is garbage.

That was Snowden’s secret.

Ripeness was all.”

* * *

Joseph Heller (1923-1999) – Catch 22 (1961)

* * *


Lee Harvey Snowden - Edward Joseph Oswald - Americans in Russia

s we know it from Superman and Clark Kent: Just remove the glasses: Lee Harvey Snowden, Edward Joseph Oswald (Americans in Russia.com)




3 Responses to What was Snowden’s secret?

  1. Joe D. says:

    Was not aware about the similarities of Oswald and Snowden.

  2. Joe D. says:

    Awesome, just mind blowing!

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