Schana Towa 5773 שנה טובה

To all members and friends of the JHVA all over the world a sweet, happy, healthy, peaceful, prosperious and edifying new year 5773

dome kuppel detail

Illustration by Chana Tausendfels from the dome of the synagogue of Augsburg with three quotes from the Hebrew Bible:

צדיק כתמר יפרח

Psalm 92.12:   “The righteous will flourish like a palm tree.”

לוא הקשבת למצותי ויהי כנהר שלומך וצדקתך כגלי הים

Isaiah 48.18:  “If only you had paid attention to my orders, then your well-being like a river that never runs dry, and your righteousness would be like the waves of the sea.”

יראת ה מקור חיים

Proverbs 14.27:  “The respect of the LORD is the source of life”



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