Kriegshaber synagogue construction site

Not just the former synagogue at Kriegshaber after deaces of neglect is being restored in order to convert the building into a museum also at the rear side of the building where once was the mikvah (German: Tauche) there are extensive construction works. Apparanetly there now will be elevators and the like. They do not fit the historical structure but rather for the convenience of potential visitors and staff.


Pictures: yehuda, May 25, 2012


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    Kriegshaber synagogue construction site | Jüdisch Historischer Verein Augsburg

  2. Steven Anson says:

    Great to read the “Einstein” synagogue in Kreigshaber is being restored – my late mother Beate Anson ( nee Einstein) used to go there every Shabbat with the parents and family – last visited in November 2012 with other descendents of Einstein family from Israel & USA during re-construction

    • hoguelab5760 says:

      Entschuldigung for meine Anglisch … Ich meine Deutsch vergessen. I walked past this shul on my way to the Kriegshaber haltestelle (streetcar stop). As a Jewish woman, stationed in Augsburg, my heart was torn esch time I saw this soul. Baruch HaShem it’s been restored.

      • steven anson says:

        Thank you for your kind and moving words.
        Hopefully local people will always remember with sadness the fate that befell their good neighbours and friends, and make sure it does not happen again in their town

      • yehuda says:

        Yes, although it is just a Museum, which opens regulary some hours a week, since there was no money (or will) for a synagogue use. Sad enough.

  3. yehuda says:

    Zumindest dann, wenn’s im Aufzug auch wenigstens ne Dusche geben sollte 🙂

  4. Andrea says:

    Hm, denk mal nach:

    Mikwe: nur runter.
    Aufzug: rauf und runter.

    Ist die klassische Win/Win-Situation.

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