Gedenken in Nördlingen


Tafel in der Nördlinger Judengasse mit Namen Nördlinger Juden die deportiert, in Haft oder in Konzentrationslagern ermordert wurden.

Blick in die Nördlinger Judengasse

A memorial plate next to the Jewish memorial at Judengasse in Nördlingen now commemorates some 50 Jews from Nördlingen who during the Nazi rule in Germany were deported and had perished in prisons or concentration camps (Piaski, Theresienstadt, Auschwitz, Riga, Cosel and Dachau). Mentioned are member from the families of Adler, Arensberg, Ascher, Bredig, Bühler, Eisenmann, Gradmann, Guldmann, Hamburger, Heinemann, Lehmann, Mahler, Mayer, Neumann, Regensteiner, Rosenberger, Schweisheimer, Seligmann, Siegbert, Stoll and Weisbacher. Also mentionend – for what reason ever – are two Christian Socialdemocrats, one of them died in an prison in Augsburg.


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