Was there a bomb attack at the Augsburg’s central bus station ..?

April 10, 2012

Just beforehand: there was none

… but it would not have looked much different if there actually was one.

Sighs of relief in Augsburg, because fortunately the devastation in the center between old city and railroad station, only a minute away from the synagogue, was not caused by Al Qaida or other terrorist but by order of the municipality. So of course no one is shocked or unhinged, but businesslike tranquilized as if the destruction was daily routine and not worth mentioning.

Of course it is noteworthy and of course it is kind of routine: The central bus and tram station at Königsplatz in Augsburg currently is being completely rebuilt. This means that the entire bus and tram stop station with all its infrastructure such as shops or cafeteria, ticket office, etc. now will be demolished.

It is somewhat bizarre to look behind the tarps which cover severely damaged halfway destroyed buildings in the center of Augsburg used to the people in Augsburg for decades on a daily basis. Since the old 1970’s central station actually was no architectural masterpiece (neither is the projected one, which just is, let’s say “contemporary”) no one seriously will raise monument protection issues or other sentiments.

However, it involves a number of other questions. How citizens deal with the destruction of familiar infrastructure of their city behind tarp barriers? What effect has a development which breaks up previous daily routine and leaves countless dimming memories ..?

But maybe in times and terms of standardized street cafés and uniform commercial chains in pedestrian zones, shopping malls and centers, etc. structural peculiarities of a city indeed already have lost their local and historical intrinsic value.

City planner, policy-makers and other experts of course have quite different values: average values, to be exact. Need based per capita indicators, traffic flow calculations and the like customized for ideal standard citizens who have one bubby, one testicle and one point two children. 56 % of them support any measure as it was reported.

Auch wenn es so aussehen mag, Al Kaida hat am Augsburger Königsplatz keinen Anschlag verübt. Sämtliche Zerstörung am bisherigen Haltestellendreieck geschahen auf Anordnung der Stadt Augsburg. Im Rahmen des Umbaus wird derzeit – lediglich unterbrochen von den christlichen Osterfeiertagen – die bisherige Konstruktion abgerissen, um Platz für eine modernere und zweckmäßigere zu schaffen. Alles geschieht mehr oder abgedeckt durch Planen, jedoch kann man den Fortschritt im Abriss auch mittels einer eigens eingerichteten Webcam verfolgen, die vom Sparkassengebäude aus die Arbeiten verfolgt und dem Vernahmen nach einigen Zuspruch findet.