Impressions from Landsberg at river Lech

Landsberg at river Lech – although not far from the concentration camps where Messerschmidt Me 262 jets were built by prisoners – surprisingly had no major air raids during World War Two thus the historical old city is full of landmarks and worthwhile travel destination.

Old passage way “Blatterngasse” in the old city of Landsberg. The term “Blattern” suggests a connection to “smallpox” (variola), an infectious desease, known at least since Egyptian ruler Ramses V., smallpox according the WHO was responsible for some 300 million deaths during the course of the 20th century, especially in so called third world countries. In medieval times Jews somtimes were accussed to “cause” pox because not believing in astrology, Jesus and many more, but there are no records from 1348 when all over Europe the “Black Death” killed thousands of infected people.

Almost correctly written Hebrew text on the cross of a crucified Jesus in a Landsberg churchmaintains “Jesus the Notzri king of the Jews”

Ein Anblick den auch ein mittelalterlicher Jude wie Eberlin von Landsberg so ähnlich haben konnte.

לאַנדסבערג אָם  לעך


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