Landsberg where’s rich folks eating

Folsom Prison Blues, 1951 von Johnny Cash geschrieben, während seiner Zeit bei der US Air Force in Landsberg am Lech, wo er den Dokumentations-Film “Inside the Walls of Folsom Prison” sah. Häftlinge und Züge sind zwei Hauptmotive von Countrysongs – aber auch der jüngeren Geschichte von Landsbergs Umgebung mit 14 Kaufering Konzentrationslagern.


Johhny Cash wrote his famous Folsom Prison song 1951 while he was serving in Landsberg / Lech US Air Force base. Maybe inspired by the wide spread concentration camp system with 14 camps next to Landsberg he putted it this way: “I sat with my pen in my hand, trying to think up the worst reason a person could have for killing another person, and that’s what came to mind.”


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