According Augsburg born cardiologist Artur Spokojny Jewish “Zohar” mentions atherosclerotic plaques as source for heart deseases


Augsburg born cardiologist Dr. Artur Spokojny from New York City, son of the late Senator Julius Spokojny who for some 3 decades was head of the Jewish community of Augsburg on the Cabbalistic book “Zohar” which according to his statement mentions “atherosclerotic plaques” as cause of heart attacks and heart diseases. While that since 60 years or so is regarded as a common known medical fact, the Zohar however according to Kabbalists however already was written almost 2000 years ago. So to the cardiologist the fact that the old scripture already knows about the context has been “mindblowing”.

Even if we take into account that ספר הזוהר the “Zohar” most likey was not written by Rabbi Shimon bar Jochai (רבי שמעון בר יוחאי)  some years after Bar Kochba, but in his name in the (Christian) 13th century Europe, it does not diminish the insight.

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