Gögginger Tor Augsburg

Construction works at Augsburg’s central bus- and streetcar station “Königsplatz”  recently exposed some remnants of the former Goegginger Gate, which was part of the medieval city fortification, but demolished in 1862 in order to clear the way for the traffic to the railroad station. Since the construction works were somewhat controversial for some years, apparently there are no archeological excavations and the digging now is hedged by a screen fence of plastic sheeting. Maybe to exclude “the public” which nearby sits in street cafés. Even though obviously not for all, the history of the Gate however is quite interesting. Not only does it date back to early 14th century Augsburg, after the expulsion of the Jews about 1440 the Gegginger Gate was the main entrance for Jews from Steppach and Pfersee to enter the city for visits or business.

The building in the background until the Nazi was the big store and shopping mall “Landauer” at the time the most mordern and biggest in Augsburg.

Die aktuellen Bauarbeiten am Augsburger „Königsplatz“ legten auch ein paar Fundamente des alten, 1862 abgerissenen Gögginger Stadttor frei. Wahrscheinlich könnte man mehr finden, aber das ist offenbar nicht gewollt. Selbst neugierige Blicke werden nun bereits von weißen Abedeckplanen ferngehalten. Es geht um Verkehrsplanung nicht um (manchmal lästige) Geschichte, wie etwa die einer erstmals um 1330, mehrfach, entscheidend 1622 von Stadtbaumeister Elias Holl umgebauten erwähnten Toranlage. Für die jüdische Geschichte in Augsburg war das „Gegginger“ im 15. bis in das 19. Jahrhundert das Eingangstor. Von dort führte der Pferseer Weg (heute Bahnhofstraße) eben nach Pfersee oder Steppach, oder umgekehrt nach Augsburg.


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  1. Joshua says:

    Will there be further excavations or will they leave at this level? Okay one rather can imagine, but since you live some meters away it is better to ask local as to judge from the distance.

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