Impressions from Bamberg Jewish Cemetery

Grabmal des im Februar 1881 verstorbenen wohltätigen und bescheidenen Meir Fleischmann .

Im 1890 errichteten Tahara Haus am israelitischen Friedhof in Bamberg.

Grave marker of Chil Bekerkunz (1894 – 1949) from Polish Ozorków, somewhat north of Łódź. Until the German invasion in Poland, almost the half of the inhabitants of the small town were Jews. Ozorków also was the home town of Aharon Brand (1910 – 1977), the founder of the Israel Institute for Medical History in Jerusalem and long time chairman of the Israel Medical Association. We do not know what background Chil Bekerunz had, but many of the Jews in his home town were occupied in weaving and trading clothes.

The register of Yad Vashem in Jerusalem has four entries of Bekerunz from Ozorków (and somme others from Lodz):

One is unmarried weaver Chaim Bekerkunc, born in 1923 and son of Yekhiel and Tova. He perished in Birkenau. Feiga Bekerkuntz was born in 1926 and the daughter of Fruma. She died in 1942 in Chelmo camp. Efraim Bekerkuntz (1914 – 1942) was her brother, also son of Fruma B. He also was killed at Chelmo camp. Fruma Bekerkunz, nee Nusak from Grabow was born in 1903 as daughter of Efrim and Feiga Nusak and but also was murdered 1942. Obviously her children were named after her parents.

Grave marker of Willy and Paula Lessing.  

Willy Lessing (1881 – 1939) was the son of Simon and Clara Lessing and was since 1903 the owner of the Hofbraeuhaus Bamberg (dispossessed in 1936). In 1938 he was the head of the Jewish community of Bamberg and tried to save the Tora scrolls when the Nazi destroyed the synagogue at “Kristallnacht”. He was very seriously hurt and died two months after of his injuries. His wife Paula however obviously managed to escape to England.

The still existing Hofbräu in Bamberg at the corner of Karolinenstr. and Geyerswörthplatz)

Grave marker of Willy Lessings parents at Bamberg Jewish cemetery. Simon Lessing (1840 – 1903) founded in 1885 the “Exportbierbrauerei Frankenbräu” which was the first major brewery in Bamberg and in 1900 changed the name and became the “Hofbräu”. His wife Clara, nee Strauss (1858 – 1938) is a maternal relative of Berlin born German politician Gregor Gysi (b. 1948) paternal origin.

Grave marker of Privatier Isaac Roedelheimer (1816 – 1886), son of Asher Mendel (1768-1845) from Wuestensachsen / Rhoen.

Memorial stone of Caroline Ullmann, died 25th of April 1884.

Am jüdischen Friedhof in Bamberg befinden sich zahlreiche Gräber von lokalen Bierbrauern und Hopfenhändlern, darunter auch väterliche Verwandte des bekannten deutschen Politikers Gregor Gysi.


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