The old Jewish cemetery Nuremberg Gostenhof

בית הקברות יהודי – נירנברג

Impressions from the old Jewish cemetery in Nuremberg Gostenhof, between Barenschanzstr. and Reutersbrunnerstr., used for burials from 1864 to 1905.

Next to the white entrance house of the cemetery is the remnant of the former Tahara house. Note the round arch of the door which upper parts looking behind the attached tool shed. Probably it was an entrance to the cemetery.

Grave marker of Salomon Tuchmann from the middle Franconian village Uehlfeld, born 1808 who died in Nuremberg April 15, 1875. Salomon Tuchmann was the son of Mordechai Tuchmann (1774-1850) from Baiersdorf and his wife Mara and he was married to Jette Reichenberger (1807-1888).

Memorial of the Nuremberg Frankenburger family: Justizrat Leonhard Frankenburger 1866 – 1934, Hofrat und Sanitätsrat Dr. Alexander Frankenburger 1868 – 1938, Rosa Frankenburger 1869 – 1942 and the much earlier passed away youngest sister Anna Frankenburger 1872 – 1914.

Alexander Frankenburger war ein weithin angesehener Jungenfacharzt. Ganz aktuell ist das “Frankenburger-Haus” in der Bayreuther Str. Gegenstand von Kontroversen in Nürnberg, da wenige historisch bewusste Nürnberger sich für den Erhalt des Hauses einsetzen, das nun vom heutigen Eigentümer “Deutsche Rentenversicherung” abgebrochen werden soll.

שלמה בן יששכר הלוי

Grabstein von Schlomo ben Isch’schachar haLevi, gestorben in guten Namen am 14. Elul des Jahres 5635, was dem 14. September 1875 entspricht.  


12 Responses to The old Jewish cemetery Nuremberg Gostenhof

  1. Renee Hahn says:

    I was in Nuremburg in 1984 with my parents to visit my Grand Parents plaque. It was in a yard of someone’s private home. Their names were Rosa Hahn born in April 6, 1895,and died 1947. The marker also had her loving husband Max Hahn who was born 1894 and died in 1942. My sister is now trying to visit that site. Any help of the location would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.

  2. Michael Benge says:

    I was pleased to find this site and one you reference. My father was regular US army before the war and after was stationed in Bayern for a while with the result that I was born in Nürnberg. I have visited a number of times and am very interested in old cemeteries. This cemetery does not show up in visitor info, but I spotted it scanning the Gostenhof area on google maps recently. If I make it back over I will certainly try to visit the Alter Jüdischer Friedhof. I will myself be buried in the Washington – formerly German Society – Cemetery in Houston, Texas. My Mom’s side of the family are Beimfordes from Oldenburg.

  3. Thanks very much Yehuda for the photograph of my ancestor’s grave marker (Salomon Tuchmann – my great – great – great – Grandfather). Great!

    Mal McCauley

  4. Thanks very much Yehuda for the photograph of my ancestor’s grave marker (Salomon Tuchmann – my great – great – great – Grandfather). Great!

  5. Guillermo Barrios says:

    Gracias Yehuda!!!!! I visited the cemetery about three years ago and found the grave markers of my great grandfather and great grandmother. Israel Lob and Sophie Bernstein (Friedman). Their son came to Mexico around 1870 and married a beatiful Mexican girl; the daughter of a Mexican governor. I feel deeply proud of my Jewish background. Do you follow Jewish religion? Your spanish seems great. I assume you are familiar with it.



    • yehuda says:

      Shalom GB 🙂

      since there were excarvations (outside the cemetery) we only could see it from the outside. It is amazing to get your response from Mexico as a relative of former “Nemberger” Jews. The history of an immigrant to Mexico 140 years seems to be quite interesting and I would like to learn more from it. Unfortuenately my Spanish actually is rather little – beside some phrases, which my grandmother once told me may be good and helpful to know in every language in order to survive times of unrest. But I will use every opportunity to improve any knowledge and learning. Well, although I do not conform formal “dress code”, I am following the so called Orthodox (actually no Jewish, but a Greek term for Christian confessions only …) or traditional way.

      It would be great to learn more from your fascinating family history. Will you return for another visit in Germany?

      ¡Muchas gracias!
      שבת שלום


  6. Guillermo Barrios says:


  7. yehuda says:

    Dear Guillermo Barrios,

    I guess the best bet is to approach the Jewish community of Nuremberg responsible for the cemetery:

    Israelitische Kultusgemeinde Nürnberg
    90411 Nürnberg

    ¡Muchas gracias & buena suerte!

  8. Guillermo Barrios says:

    Thanks. How can I find information regarding some relatives that are buried there?

    Guillermo Barrios

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