Chag Chanucka 5771 sameach

Allen Freunden, Lesern und Mitgliedern ein frohes und lehrreiches Weihefest

To all our members and friends in the world a happy, healthy and instructive festival of lights, which actually commemorates the re-inauguration of the holy house in Jerusalem 2174 years ago.

Adam Sandler –

2 Responses to Chag Chanucka 5771 sameach

  1. yehuda says:

    Yes, of course. This time it was not far to seek a well-fitting image motif for … and there already are some requests to use it. 🙂

  2. Joshua says:

    Chag someach to all of you in Augsburg..!

    I guess the illustration is based on the iron gate of Donauworth? Again you have done a goo … I mean great job.

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