Further impressions from Creglingen Jewish Cemetery

It’s not only Arthur Obermayer, whose maternal ancestors are from Creglingen, while his paternal are from Kriegshaber, who connects the Jewish Taubertal communities with Augsburg. At the Jewish cemetery of Creglingen there also is the grave marker of Hermann Weikersheimer, born on 2nd of October 1890 who had been a teacher in Weikersheim (some 12 km west of Creglingen), who on April 14 in 1912 passed away as one-year volunteer soldier in Augsburg and thus early had been snatched from the arts, music and singing as the German inscription of his gravemarker states in the words of his loving mother. His reverse Hebrew head stone reads his name as Naftali bar Elieser Ha-Levi.

Nicht nur Arthur Obermayer, dessen mütterliche Vorfahren teilweise aus Creglingen stammen, verbindet die Taubertal Region mit der seiner väterlichen und namensgebenden aus dem bayerischen Schwaben. Am Friedhof von Creglingen findet sich auch das Grabmal des jungen Lehrers Hermann Weikersheimer, der im Alter von nur 22 Jahren in Augsburg als Einjährig-Freiwilliger in Augsburg verstarb. Leider geben die beiden Grabsteininschriften keinen Aufschluss über die Umstände seines verfrühten Todes.

Der umgestürzte Grabstein der Anna Rosenheim aus Archshofen.

Detail from the Kohen grave marker of the just and dear Yehuda bar Elieser who passed away at the end of August 1860 (9. Elul 5620).

Head stone of the god-fearing head teacher Josef (ben Jehuda) Pressburger (1858 – 1938) from Rexingen who died eleven days before the last Passover celebrated in Creglingen. Pressburger was married to Karoline the daughter of Salomon Oberndoerfer from Creglingen, whose ancestors once moved here from Oberndorf. Pressburger who collected money for a cemetery wall in the early 1880s also was responsible for the numeration of the grave stones and a first documentation of the cemetery.

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