Impressions from the Jewish Cemetery of Binswangen near Wertingen

Although the head stones from the cemetery most likely were not replaced correctly, some of them however give at least some indication about the older traditional Jewish community.

Grabstein der Mali Miller 1857 - 1930Mali Miller 1857 – 1930

Ludwig Bauer 1858 – 1938

Ester bat Moshe Zvi from Binswangen with three characteristic stars on the head stone

Grave markers at Binswangen Jewish Cemetery

(Isaac) Izchak Arye bar Yakov Zvi Landauer 1825-1909

headstone of Simon (bar Yosef) Heinsfurther the head of the Binswangen Jewish Community  

Shofar indicating a chazan or cantorthe Binswangen Vuvuzela

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