Impressions from the Jewish Cemetery of Fischach near Augsburg

January 29, 2010


A Jewish Community in Fischach at least exists since the 1570’s. Until the establishment of an own cemetery in 1774 the Jews of Fischach (and Siegertshofen, now a part of Fischach) frequently buried their dead at the cemetery of Kriegshaber / Pfersee, which is some 19 km away. The Fischach Jewish cemetery is surrounded by a solid stone wall and has a remarkable wooden Tahara (were also is a hearse). There are some 400 grave markers left, among them are two wooden headboards from 1815 and 1833 belonging to Josef Moses ben Abraham Levi and his spouse Brendel. Other than the rotten Kriegshaber wooden plate (which now without any substitution is in the Museum of “Jewish Culture” in Augsburg)  the ones in Fischach are in quite good condition, still legible and at their destined place in oder to commemorate the buried.

jüdischer Friedhof


Kindergrabstein Fischach

jüdischer Friedhof Fischach