Gedenken am jüdischen Friedhof Kriegshaber

There are at least five known people at the Jewish Cemetery of Kriegshaber died in 1760, so there also are five 250th anniversaries to commemorate.

Bei nicht weniger als fünf bislang bekannten Verstorbenen, die am jüdischen Friedhof Kriegshaber bestattet sind, ergibt sich 2010 das runde Datum eines 250. Todestag.   

250. Todestag / 250th day of death

Kela bat (Tochter/daughter of) R. Schmuel Erlanger, eschet (Frau/wife of ) Ephraim Ulmo, gest, died 17 Januar 1760  

R. Menachem ben (Sohn/son of) R. Naftali, gest. died 14.06.1760

Jakob ben (Sohn/son of) R. Mosche & brother/Bruder Isachar ben (Sohn/son of) R. Mosche, 15.06.1760

Juspa Kitzingen Pfersee, gest. died 2 August 1760  

200. Todestag / 200th day of death

Secharja (Zachary) ben (Sohn/son of) Seckel Neuburger, gest. died 23  Januar

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