The old Jewish Cemetery of Ichenhausen

The Jewish Cemetery of Ichenhausen (some 10 km south of Guenzburg, 10 km north of Huerben/Krumbach and 25 km west of Ulm) in the Bavarian part of Swabia, as it is said goes back to 1567. The oldest preserved grave marker however is believed to be that of Chaim bar Shmuel from Adar 5505 (February 1745).

The cemetery was extended about 1730 and 1810 and slopes upward in 8 to 13 rows of grave markers. The Gerstle family obviously was the predominant one in Ichenhausen. At the foot of the hill outside the graveyard runs a rail line called the “Jew slide” (Juden-Rutsch) by the (older) locals. But beyond any doubt the name also would go together with the situation of the old grave markers on the partly steep hill. Some stones already are smashed and their fragments lie all over the place. Dozens of tomb stones – still standing, but in danger of collapsing – now are marked by red-white barrier tape, but there also are groups of stones already smashed by an huge toppled tree.

A common allegation (source is unknown) says that there are 7000 or 8000 graves at the cemetery. All three parts of the cemetery are almost entirely occupied. At the oldest part in the middle there of course a huge gaps, but since the cemetery was extended two times to the left and the right, it is clear that all places were occupied. About 950 grave markers or fragments are left, what is a high rate. We cannot assume that the hills arose because it was buried in several layers one upon the other. So unless no other older parts of the cemetery had “disappeared” outside the chain-link fenced area, for example under an nearby miniature golf course – there of course were no more than 1200 or 1300 graves at the cemetery.

At the entry there is a Tahara house. According to a witness it was built in 1934 or 1935 by the “Jewish Youth of Ichenhausen” a group not mentioned by name apart from that. Inside the rotunda crowned by a conical roof there is a Hebrew inscription dedicated by survivors to the 6 million victims of fascism, the compatriots of the people of Israel murdered in the time from 1939 to 1945:


לזכרון לקדושי העם

 שנפלו חלל ע”י הפשיזם  

6 יזכר עם ישראל את

1939 – 1945  מיליון הקרבנות


32 Responses to The old Jewish Cemetery of Ichenhausen

  1. Jeffrey Hersh says:

    My great uncle Moses Stern (1904-1946) was transferred to the cemetery from a displaced persons facility in July 1946. He survived the Holocaust but not the Displaced camp. He is definitely buried at Ichenhausen. I sent a note to the link posted on the cemetery site and received a response from Tanja Frank-Herzog, Mayor from the Town Hall in Bechhofen that a couple named Bruck from Jerusalem has done the research. Also that Dr. Joachim Hahn, Alemannia Judaica might help (mailbox{et} No response from him.
    can’t understand why there is no record of their diligent and exhaustive work. Nothing on the Internet. claims to have some information but after registering, I couldn’t get into the site to search. Somebody must know how to get at the Bruck research.
    Any help would be much appreciated.

    Jeffrey Hersh
    Los Angeles

    • yehuda says:

      As already explained several times here in the discussion, we at the JHVA did not systematically document the Ichenhausen cemetery because we were told (now: 12 years ago!) that such documentation already exists or is in progress. I’m sorry that apparently nothing has happened since then, but we cannot change anything.

      Ichenhausen is 60 km west of Augsburg.

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    The old Jewish Cemetery of Ichenhausen | Jüdisch Historischer Verein Augsburg

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    The old Jewish Cemetery of Ichenhausen | Jüdisch Historischer Verein Augsburg

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  6. Amber says:

    Hello, my ancestors were the Kleinerdlingers or Kleinoerdlingers . My 4x Great Grandfather was Simon Kleinordlinger from Ichenhausen . Do you happen to have any information on him or any other members ?
    Thank you

    • Yair says:

      Simon Kleinerdling (born 3 May 1803) was the son of Marx (died 14. Apr. 1837 Age 84y) & Breindl.
      Simon wife was: Jras KOSCHLAND (born 24 Apr 1803)
      Simon & Jras Married in Ichenhausen 01. Oct. 1826

      Their children was (born, name):
      28. Aug. 1830  Abraham 
      04. Nov. 1831  Laemlein 
      24. Nov. 1833  Toelz 
      01. Jan. 1835  Salomon 
      08. Sep. 1836  Nathan 
      18. Nov. 1837  Mina 
      May. 1839  Marx 
      07. Aug. 1840  Karoline 
      Oct. 1841  Israel 
      May. 1843  Joseph 
      Nov. 1845  Bertha 

      Simon was: master baker

      Any more help, You can contact me directly to

      • yehuda says:

        many thanx for sharing

      • Amber says:

        Thank you so much for your help . I’m trying to find hopefully the grave or something of Jenny Kleinordlinger . Jenny was killed in Therzen Concentration Camp in 1942 . She was I believe 68yrs old. Any help would be much appreciated.
        Thank you

        • yair says:

          In Ichenhausen you can find the graves of Jenny (Fanny) father and mother: Israel Kleinordlinger: 27.10.1840-8.4.1906 Pauline geb Ullman 2.7.1836-20.3.1919 (Pauline child of Joseph & Fanni geb. OFFNER from Buttenwiesen)

        • yehuda says:

          I guess there is a relation to OFFNER family in nearby Binswangen as well. Correct?

        • Yair says:

          I guess so

        • yehuda says:

          There is one Ofner grave marker left at the Cemetery of Binswangen, on which I am about to complete a bilingual (German/English) book, which will be published any time soon.

  7. Yair says:

    All the graves of Jewish Cemetery of Ichenhausen pictures on the link:

  8. TEYER ELAZAR says:

    שלום רב.
    ביקרתי בבית קברות וחיפשתי קבר של אמא—טייר צילה מבית ברלאנד.
    לא מצאתי את הקבר-מ 03.1947 —–אבי היה צלם במחנה פליתים
    יש אצלי הרבה תמונות של קבר.נתובת על הקבר——אשה צנועה
    צילה-בתה רות טעיער 1925
    מבקש עזרה בחיפושי——-יש לי תמונות מאותו מחנה פליטים

    • yehuda says:

      אני מצטער מאוד, אבל אין לי מידע על זה
      אולי יותר טוב שאתה שואל בעירייה שם

      ברכה ושלום מאוגסבורג

  9. Hello, I would like to send you our Family tree – and ask if possible we could recieve a list of the names of the people who were buried in the Jewish Cemetery of Ichenhausen.
    Many of our family members lived in and around Ichenhausen.
    We wish to search your list in hopes of finding more relatives.
    Thank you so much,

    • yehuda says:

      Please contact the municipality of Ichenhausen. We have no cemetery records since we were told in 2009 they already have a documentary.

      • I tried contacting them several months ago (see below on this comment thread) and never heard back. We definitely should follow up with them.

        Judy: Please be in touch — my email is — I’ve done a lot of work on my Ichenhausen ancestors, which include Bissingers, Hellers, Gerstles, usw. I’ve been thinking of starting an Ichenhausen page on the JewishGen KehillaLinks page. I also created a Facebook group at for descendants of the Jews of Ichenhausen, but so far it only my family has joined.

        • yehuda says:

          I am sorry to learn that there are no or no sufficiened responses to the request on Ichenhausen, which actually are quite numerous.

          However, I just can repeat that when we visited the cemetery in 2009 – what now is over 4 years ago – we were prepared to do a documentary of the cemetery. We had cameras, writing pads, pencils and measuring tapes with us, so from a technical standpoint there was no prblem to do a documentary. Time and again we did some hundred fotos at a cemetery and noted the inscriptions from it, in Hebrew or German. If after doing so, 14 or 27 questions were open, there was a reason for a second visit and a closer inspection a week later … etc. BUT …

          … we were told that there already was a documentation of the cemetery by a Munich Professor for “Judaistik” in cooperation with an elderly couple from Jerusalem, etc. and that the results of the documentation were at the municipality. We did not see the results, because it was said that there will be a publication of it soon.

          After 4 years and a higher number of request from other relatives, historians and genealogist on Ichenhausen, I am actually somewhat tired or ill-humoured.

          However, it is good to see if you get in contact this way.

  10. Do you have any more photos that show specific gravestones? I’m noticing that in the background of one of your images on Flickr is a stone for “Max Bissinger”, and although I can’t quite make out the dates on the stone, it looks like they might correspond to my great-grandfather (2 Apr 1859 — 10 Feb. 1929 — at least, at this resolution, all I can make out is ‘April’ in the geb. line.)

    I have many ancestors from Ichenhausen (mostly in the Bissinger, Erlanger, and Gerstle families) and I’d be grateful if you have more photos. Thank you. My email address is

    • yehuda says:

      Actually I was not aware to have taken a picture at Ichenhausen Jewish cemetery which shows a grave marker of Max Bissinger. Now looking for it in the 2009 photo files I figure out that it is partly visible in the background of the double tombstone of Israel (Isidor) and Rahele (Regina) Koschland.

      Unfortunately I have no other picture with the grave marker of Max Bissinger. Our visit at the cemetery was almost four years ago in fall 2009. As much as I wanted to help you in any way, I actually cannot.

      So my recommendation was to ask at the municipality of Ichenhausen. When we were at the cemetery in 2009 we were told that there is a complete documentation of the cemetery accomplished by a retired couple from Jerusalem, that is why we did no extended study on it. However time and again we get a number of requests.

      Best wishes

      Heinrich-Sinz-Str. 14
      89335 Ichenhausen
      Telefon: 08223 4005-0

      FAX: 08223 4005-43

  11. Thank you for the detailed story of the Old Jewish Cemetery. My great-grandparents/great Aunts and Uncles are buried there. I would like to visit the cemetery. How would I do so? I will be in Germany the first week of July.
    Any advice you could give me would be appreciated.

    • yehuda says:

      Dear Judy,

      many thanks for your comment and request. Please ask at the municipality of Ichenhausen. They have guides as well as the key for the cemetery. They also will show you the former synagogue of Ichenhausen and the like.

      Stadt Ichenhausen

      Heinrich-Sinz-Str. 14

      89335 Ichenhausen

      Telefon 08223 / 4005-0

      Telefax 08223 / 4005-43


      I hope you will enjoy your visit. 🙂

    • yehuda says:

      Dear Judy, many thanks for your comment and request. Please ask at the municipality of Ichenhausen. They have guides as well as the key for the cemetery. They also will show you the former synagogue of Ichenhausen and the like. Stadt Ichenhausen Heinrich-Sinz-Str. 14 89335 Ichenhausen Telefon 08223 / 4005-0 Telefax 08223 / 4005-43 E-Mail: I hope you will enjoy your visit.

      Let me know, if you have further requests.

      Best wishes

      Yehuda from Augsburg

  12. Ursula Weimersheimer says:

    my husband was Fritz Weimersheimer.He was born in Ichenhausen in 1922,and fled Germany when he was sixteen,eventually landing in Israel. I visited this cemetary in1984. The first Weimersheimer settled in Ichenhausen in the late 18th cent.,from a town called Weimersheim . Fritz died on August 10,2011. He was 88.

  13. A Forma says:

    My wife’s family name is Weimersheimer. Her father, Siegfried Weimersheimer, was born in Ichenhausen but emigrated to the US as WWII was unfolding. I have seen photographs of tombstones in the Ichenhausen Jewish cemetery with the name WEIMERSHEIMER on them. I am wondering how many generations of the family are buried there.

    • kathy w says:

      A Forma – my husband’s family is also the Weimersheimers. His father was Benno, recently deceased, who fled in 1938 or 39. I am intrigued about meet distant cousins – you may contact me at

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