Augsburg Synagoge Wintergasse

In der Wintergasse diente ein umgebautes Wohnhaus vom 11. Nissan 5625 (Freitag 7. April 1865) bis zum Jahr 1917 als Synagoge.

Augsburg's Synagogue from 1865 to 1917

Augsburg's Synagogue from 1865 to 1917

From spring 1865 until 1917 a converted dwelling house at Wintergasse (a back alley to Augsburg s famous Maximilianstr.) served as Synagogue of the new established Jewish Community. The now developing “liberal” community soon implemented a church organ as one of the first in Germany, what split the Jewish Community. However, when Hungarian born Rabbi Dr. Hirschfeld who inaugurated the building, announced  to join a Synod of liberal Reform Rabbis in Augsburg in summer 1871 , he was dismissed therefore in advance and was later under spell.

So the first modern Synagogue in Augsburg wasn’t under a lucky star. When in 1917 it was abandonend because of the inauguration of the new Synagogue at Halderstr., the buildung now was converted again, this time into a hat factory. During British bombardements in february 1944 the building as many others in the City of Augsburg was hit and burned out.

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