Jewish Historical Society of Augsburg

January 1, 2007

Jewish Historical Society of Augsburg Thematic priority, topics, aims and purpose of the Society are the study and promotion of Jewish History in Augsburg and its surrounding area, its description and insemination, documentation of Augsburg 3 Jewish cemeteries: at the Judenwall, at Kriegshaber and the cemetery in Haunstetten Str. The Society’s endeavor is to inform and elucidate by guided historical city tours and publications. These goals are to be realized through– Documentation, protection of trails and spoors and accounting for historical sources and locationsOrganization and conducting of lectures, discussion circles, courses and city guidance for the public, e.g. lectures at schools, adult evening classes, as well as social research, inquiries, documentation, etc. 



Work up of local Jewish history towards the large congregation of Jewish immigrants from the states of the CIS, which represent today the vast majority among the Jewish municipalities in Germany – and so also in Augsburg -, with which an important contribution is to be made for their local integration. Only one, who knows local history and tradition, will be able to feel domestic and home and will understand himself as its element and finally will take roots.


– Arrangement of trips to neighboring former Jewish communities in the surrounding countryside of Augsburg


Hosting of artistic competitions (painting, plastics, poems, essays) etc. together with exhibitions.


Public relation work, representation in electronic media, in order to wake and deepen historical consciousness for Jewish history and to allow its re-experience on the basis of local occurrences and incidents. This will be provided also in other languages, as for instance, English, French or Russian.


– Publication of an appearing regular society magazine for documentation and to render an account of the society’s activities.


Publications to local Jewish history, art and culture in past and present


– Events and meetings along the religious Jewish year, for the experience of the religious and cultural Jewish, as for instance shabbes celebrations, music and theatre evenings, readings, and the like

Participation “Bürgerfest” in Augsburg


 – Cooperation with other associations, societies and organizations